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Ana Pecar: Film Maker

A superb Slovenian artist. Ana's films are informed by the Slovenian poet Dane Zajc. They share with him a restless sense of some event about to come. An imminence. I am working with Ana on translations of Zajc's poems. Here is her website:

You can see her splendid short film "white etude, black surface" by clicking on the link above. The images in this film often seem to have no origin in as 'real' visual objects. Yet, none are computer generated. It is an analogue world represented by a digital sensibility. 


Max Zimmer. If Where You're Going Isn't Home

First in a trilogy of powerful new novels by a brilliant writer. Max has caught the coming of age experience in a Mormon family. This is a window to a world many misunderstand. First in a trilogy. The novel is only available as an ebook. Click the picture for more information.  


Kevin McIlvoy: The Book Mechanic 

A brilliant writer and teacher, Mc has an amazing ability to bring out the value in other writers' works. Look for him at his website,

              "You are “home,” and I am listening. I hope you will visit whenever
                you are looking for new paths leading from the paths you are already on as a writer."      


                                                                                         From mcthebookmechnic

Cool Stuff My Friends Are Doing

Here are links to work to friends who teach, create, and inform my work. 

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